The President of Kyrgyzstan declares a state of emergency in Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan President Sooronbay Jekenbekov declared a state of emergency in Bishkek on Friday and ordered the deployment of troops on the streets of the capital.

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A statement from the Office of the President said that the state of emergency, which provided for curfew and severe restrictions, would run from 8pm to 9pm on Friday. The statement does not say how many troops will be deployed in Bishkek, but they have been instructed to use military vehicles, set up checkpoints and prevent armed clashes. Jekenbekov had previously stated that he would be ready to resign when a new election date was set and the change in government was approved by his decree and parliamentary decision.

The Kyrgyz opposition has already reportedly rejected the results of Sunday’s parliamentary elections, alleging voter bribery and falsification. After the elections in the capital, Bishkek and elsewhere in the country, widespread protests broke out, leading to clashes with militias.

According to official results, political parties close to President Jenbekov won the election. However, the opposition demanded the annulment of the results, insisting that there had been many irregularities and fraud in the election process. To prevent the situation from escalating in the country, the Kyrgyz Central Electoral Commission on Tuesday canceled the election results and the government has resigned.

Opposition parties are not united, but have taken the first steps in this direction, raising hopes for an end to the crisis. But thousands of opposition supporters continue to protest, which politicians have warned could escalate into violence. Russia has described the situation in Kyrgyzstan, which borders China and houses Russia’s military base, as “disorder and chaos.”

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