The President of Estonia sharply targets the government minister – homophobic – Abroad – News

On Saturday morning, Kersti Kaljulaida met in person with the Minister to express her position, Postimees reports.

In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Interior Minister Mart Helme had advised people with an unconventional sexual orientation to leave for Sweden.

“I do not understand [šis] the undisguised hostility of Interior Minister Martha Helm against our society. We talk about our own people – our police officers and teachers, our creative people and builders, our neighbors, colleagues and friends. Dividing and classifying people according to their sexual orientation, skin color, or other characteristics that divide them into right and wrong is contrary to the spirit of our Constitution and is simply disgusting from the point of view of humanity, “writes Kersti Kaljulaida on social media.

“Yes, of course, it is a provocation that divides people into less and more attentive people depending on what they were born with. What era does this fact remind us of? ”, Says the President of Estonia.

“I am ashamed and at the same time sad that the people of Estonia, who believe in the Estonian constitution that we are all equal before the law and therefore think we are protected from the arbitrariness of politicians, find out again that our government has a minister with dignity. against the people of Estonia is less important than his own right to use his power to humiliate other people ”.

Kaljulaida is convinced that evil must not be tolerated and must never be placed on the political agenda or justified as the politics of one particular party. “The moment we normalize evil, we occupy ourselves,” the Estonian president writes.

“The Minister with such views has no place in the Government of the Republic of Estonia. The people of Estonia deserve something better. I also discussed this issue this morning with the Prime Minister, to whom I communicated my position “.


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