The presbytery soon accessible from the North

The path to the presbytery from the northeast face of the fortified village is already clear. Indeed, for several weeks, on the initiative of the Alter’Ego association which takes care of asylum seekers from Prahda (Reception and Accommodation Program for Asylum Seekers), Laurent Fleurigeon has been leading a team male volunteers, volunteers, made up in particular of people from the Prahda who clean, clear, clear, etc., the north side below the presbytery, in order to make the existing path accessible again. At the start of the year, the premises have already been cleared and terraces supported by stone walls have appeared. Every Monday or Tuesday, depending on the week and especially the weather, the volunteers meet to continue to lighten the northern side of the village a little more. On Monday January 4, accompanied by Jean-Pierre and Belkacem, 27, a young volunteer from Prahda and faithful to the appointments, Laurent Fleurigeon was hard at work. He explains: “These places were abandoned about thirty years ago, but the land is very fertile here and crops were cultivated there, on the terrace. There was also direct access to the rue des Nobles, along the presbytery (building dating from the 15th century, which rests on three levels), access which we wish to make again practicable “. It must be said that the view of the old village from below is spectacular and very different from that which one can have when crossing old Aurignac. Laurent Fleurigeon specifies: “the aim of this action is of course to clear the place, to make the village more attractive and the view even more pleasant, but it is above all to give the Pradha men the opportunity to take care of themselves, to be of service, to be active, and to be proud to participate in the life of the village that welcomes them “.

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