The premiere at EPAL was without problems

National exams

With an abstention that reached 20.67%, the nationwide exams for the candidate students of EPAL in Epirus began – without problems. Of the 568 students who were to be examined, 452 attended. In the schools of Arta, out of a total of 140 candidates, 25 students did not attend the examination centers, in Thesprotia, out of a total of 82, 19 were absent, in Ioannina, out of the 274 candidates, 57 did not attend and finally in Preveza, out of 72, 15 candidates were absent. Tomorrow Friday, 2,325 students from the General High Schools of Epirus will participate in the Panhellenic battle. 431 graduates participate from Arta, 239 from Thesprotia, 1253 from Ioannina and finally 402 candidates from Preveza.


The benefits that a young person can obtain through voluntary work is discussed in the text in which the EPAL candidates were examined today, Thursday, June 1, in the context of the examination of the Young Greek (General Education) course.

Specifically, among the activities, the candidates were asked to develop a text about the forms of voluntary actions through which contemporary problems can be addressed and the ways in which the school can contribute to the cultivation of a spirit of volunteerism in young people.

In the literary part of the exam, candidates were asked to answer questions based on the poem “Shelters for the Night” by Bertolt Brecht.

What is allowed?

It is recalled that, according to the provisions in force, candidates are prohibited from bringing books, notebooks, notes, proofreader, mobile phones, computers and any other electronic means of transmitting or receiving information or communication with them upon entering the examination room.

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Test takers are allowed to have only indelible ink (black or blue), pencil, erasers, geometric instruments and a bottle of water or soft drink. Pencil is generally not permitted in answers, unless specified in the subject instructions.

They are admitted to the exams with the basic proof of the Examiner’s Card and it is not necessary to have any other proof (identity card or passport).

In the event that an examinee, upon arriving at the Examination Center, brings a mobile phone with him, he will hand it over to the Chairman of the EC Committee, who will keep it in a special area. At the end of the exam, the candidate will collect his cell phone and leave. Before entering the rooms, the chairman of the Committee of the E.K. to remind the candidates of their obligation to hand in their mobile phones and that the possession of a mobile phone (even if it is switched off) in the hall is a sufficient reason for their cancellation. Both during delivery and upon receipt of the mobile phone, the candidate will sign in a special situation before the chairman of the EC Committee that he takes responsibility for the delivery and receipt of his mobile phone.

The above also applies to invigilators, support staff and others involved in each Examination Centre, as well as to candidates with disabilities and special educational needs.

It is also prohibited to disclose the matters to anyone in any way. The topics will be posted on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

If the invigilators find that an examinee cheats on the exams or does not comply with their instructions or harasses the other examinees, they remove the notebook from the candidate and immediately inform the president of the High School Committee. In this case, the candidate remains inside the hall, until the High School Committee decides on the matter.

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The program

Daily and Evening GEL

Friday 2/6/2023: Modern Greek Language and Literature of General Education

Tuesday 6/6/2023: Ancient Greek, Mathematics, Biology O.P. of Humanities, O.P. of Positive Studies and O.P. of Economics and Informatics Studies, O.P. of Health Studies

Thursday 8/6/2023: Latin, Chemistry, Informatics O.P. of Humanities, O.P. of Positive Studies and O.P. of Health Studies, O.P. of Economics and Informatics Studies

Monday 12/6/2023: History, Physics, Economy O.P. of Humanities, O.P. of Positive Studies and O.P. of Health Studies, O.P. of Economics and Informatics Studies

Day and Evening EPAL

Saturday 3/6/2023: Mathematics (Algebra)

Wednesday 7/6/2023: Anatomy-Physiology II, Principles of Economic Theory (AOTH), Computer Networks, Principles of Organic Agriculture

Friday 9/6/2023: Electrical Engineering 2, Architectural Design, Maritime Law-International Regulations in Shipping-Applications, History of Contemporary Art

Saturday 10/6/2023: Hygiene, Computer Programming, Principles of Organization and Administration (AOD), Machine Components

Tuesday 13/6/2023: Electrical Machinery, Modern Agricultural Enterprises, Navigation II, Marine Machinery

Thursday 15/6/2023: Materials Technology, Construction, Internal Combustion Engines (MEK II), Digital Systems

Friday 6/16/2023: Refrigeration-Air Conditioning Components, Aircraft Engines, Central Heating Design Components.

The program of special and Music Lessons

The Special Courses exams for General High School (GEL) and Vocational High School (EPAL) candidates will be held from June 17 to 29, in special examination centers.

Saturday 17/6/2023: English 10.00 am

Monday 19/6/2023: German 8.30 am

Tuesday 20/6/2023: Free Draft 8.30 am

Wednesday 21/6/2023: Linear Drawing 8.30 am

Thursday 22/6/2023: Harmony 8.30 am

Friday 23/6/2023: Music Hearing Test 4.30 pm

Saturday 24/6/2023: Music Perception and Knowledge 12.30 am

Monday 26/6/2023: Musical Performance and Interpretation 8.30 am

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Tuesday 27/6/2023: French 8.30 am

Wednesday 28/6/2023: Spanish 8.30 am

Thursday 29/6/2023: Italian 8.30 am

Results and Submission of Computerized Paper

Course scores (except special courses) are expected to be announced at the end of June. Candidates will again have the possibility to be informed about their scores (and later, the school and the department they are admitted to) through the relevant electronic application of the Ministry of Education, but also by text message to their mobile phone (SMS).

Candidates will then need to submit their Computerized Report electronically. As in the previous two years, it will be possible to submit a double, parallel computerized report for the Public IEK as well.

What will change this year is that the submission will not take place in two phases, but in one, as based on previous years’ data, a very high percentage of applicants (93% for 2022) are admitted to the top 10 choice schools from the first phase.

With regard to the announcement of the results of the Pan-Hellenic exams (that is, the admission bases), according to sources of the Ministry of Education, the same planning is expected to be followed, based on which they were announced for the first time in years at the end of July. According to the same sources, the election procedures are not expected to affect the specific programming.

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