the prefect of the Rhône does not want to loosen his efforts

While more than 3,500 people demonstrated in Lyon against violence against women on Saturday, the prefect of the Rhône made trips on this issue.

Pascal Mailhos went first to the family protection home, accompanied by the deputy mayor of Lyon in charge of equality Florence Delaunay. The MPF is made up of 6 Soldiers who are experienced in advocating and interviewing victims of domestic violence. The latter carried out the training of more than 800 gendarmes in the department.

Pascal Mailhos then took over the management of the Villeurbanne police station with the first deputy of Villeurbanne, Agnès Thouvenod. The reception system for VIF victims was presented to you: it includes a system of reserved reception tables, the training of more than 85% of Rhône national police officers, continuity of reception among police officers, a social worker, a psychologist and reception associations.

The state representative intends “Don’t let go of the effort to fight violence against womenas recommended by Emmanuel Macron.

In the Rhône, 90% of the 2019 Grenelle measures have been implemented or are being implemented. This includes the increase in the number of social workers, that of the number of accommodation places (+300 for three years) or the creation of a position of referent of violence for complex situations in the Rhône this year.


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