The PP’s agenda for the plenary session in Elche includes enhanced breast cancer prevention and regulation of renewable energy.

ELCHE. The deputy spokesman of the Popular Party of Elche, José Navarro, has announced the motions that will be taken to the next plenary session in relation to breast cancer and, another, with renewable energies in rural areas of the municipality of Elche.

José Navarro explained this morning that “currently, breast cancer is one of the diseases that most affects women. According to the latest data collected by the European Cancer Information System, in the last year more than 34,000 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in Spain, this type of tumor being the most frequent among women in our country”.

Taking these data into account and above all that early detection of breast cancer allows diagnosis in the initial stages of the disease, increasing the chances of achieving curative treatment. The Elche Popular Party considers this motion a “demand of the first magnitude.”

In this sense, the popular spokesman explained that “according to the recommendations of the Spanish Cancer Association, it is estimated that up to 90% of cases could be treated and a cure guaranteed with early detection, reducing between 25% and 31% mortality.”

“In the program for the detection of breast cancer, the Department of Health of the Valencian Community, until a few days ago, was a pioneer in this matter, because in its screening, with the performance of mammograms, it has been taking carried out two readings, the second being essential and necessary to respond to the false positives and negatives that can occur” – continues Navarro – “however, the Ministry announced last month that Valencian health has dispensed with the double reading of mammograms, once again incurring in one of the innumerable cuts of this Ministry in a matter of health matters”.

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Therefore, Navarro has announced the agreement that they will present in the next plenary session that “urges the Generalitat to immediately recover the double reading of mammograms in the program for the detection of breast cancer that the Ministry of Health eliminated the past March 1, 2023”.

Renewable energy

On the other hand, the second motion presented by the popular ones has as objective “to create and convene the Working Group for the development and implementation of renewable energies in the rural environment of Elche in order to draft and balance the initiatives of the parties affected: technicians, photovoltaic industry, environmental associations and political groups; reach agreements and incorporate them into the Municipal Ordinance for urban planning and activities authorizations”, as explained by the deputy spokesperson.

On this point, José Navarro insists that “one of the multiple benefits of renewables is that they stand as the best tool to combat the consequences of climate change and achieve the environmental goals agreed at the Climate Summit.”

“Our municipality presents a series of characteristics, climatic, orographic and landscape, which make it especially attractive for the development of this type of energy, photovoltaic being the one that seems to be consolidated as the most determined commitment”, assures Navarro.

At present, around 30 projects for the installation of photovoltaic panels are in process “awakening a certain social alarm among the residents of the Camp d’Elx due to the excessive proliferation of these facilities without a municipal regulatory framework that limits this development”, he develops. Navarrese.

The mayor has declared that “for this reason, we find ourselves with the need to combine different interests in order to bet on renewable energies and respect the uniqueness and characteristics of the more traditional rustic landscape of Elche. It is essential to agree on a legal scope: that balances private initiative with the right to the landscape and respects the agricultural and natural space”.

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