The PP supports as a candidate in Boimorto the mayoress whom it expelled for sneaking into the COVID vaccine

The mayoress of Boimorto, María Jesús Novo, who asked to resign from the PPdeG, although she remained in office, after her controversial vaccination of the first dose of COVID in a municipally owned nursing home, will be the candidate of the popular in the town in the municipal elections next May. Sources from the provincial management confirmed yesterday that Novo has not re-affiliated and will run as an independent, reports Europa Press.

The PP’s commitment to Novo to try to maintain the Boimorto Mayor’s Office was advanced yesterday by Despite the controversy, Novo has remained the head of the local government of the municipality, after a full vote, in which the popular councilors voted to keep her as councilor. On her day, she left the ranks of the PPdeG, which led to the closing of a disciplinary file that the party headed by Alberto Núñez Feijóo had decided to open for her at the time. The opening of the file was almost immediate after the information that revealed that the councilor had been vaccinated at the municipally owned residence on December 28, 2020, one day after the first Galician to receive a dose against COVID did the same in Santiago.

To questions from the media yesterday in Santiago, the president of the Xunta and leader of the PPdeG, Alfonso Rueda, has alleged this Friday that it is a proposal from the provincial formation of A Coruña, led by the second vice president of the Xunta, Diego Calvo, and that he “respects”. Rueda has admitted that “at the time, in that context”, the step taken by the mayoress “created controversy”. “I think she recognized her mistake,” he has had an impact. “Now the PP in the province of A Coruña makes that proposal and I think that, recognizing the mistake it made, if that is the proposal of the PP of A Coruña I am going to respect it,” he settled.

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