The Powerful Benefits of Yogurt for Child Growth, Moms Must …

Ilustrasi: Yogurt in nutrition – Children need to eat foods that meet their daily nutritional needs. One source of nutrition that can be given is the intake of yogurt.

Yogurt contains various health benefits for children such as probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria for gut health that can help improve digestion and remove bad bacteria from the child’s body.

“Most children stop consuming milk at the age of two years, and the percentage of adequate calcium in children decreases dramatically after the age of two years,” said Emilia Achmadi, MS., RDN, nutritionist in her official statement.

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Vitamin D and potassium intake are also low in children aged 2-11 years, and both of these ingredients are available in quality yogurt.

Yogurt also contains protein and calcium which are important for bone health, especially the bones of children who grow quickly.

“Currently, maybe a lot of parents are worried about the sugar content in dairy products such as yogurt,” added Emilia.

However, according to the Nutrition Journal 2017 by Azais-Braesco V et al., Yogurt contains only 1-8% natural sugars and 4-9% added sugars, making it safe for children to consume.



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