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The abolition of the nationwide abortion right in America is regarded by tens of millions of Americans as one of their greatest victories ever. “A victory for millions of babies yet to be born,” as a well-known television pastor puts it. The Supreme Court ruling puts abortion law in the hands of states. It is expected that half of the states will abolish the right to abortion as soon as possible.

The abortion struggle is mainly the work of Protestants and so-called evangelicals† Their political machine has changed America, says journalist Robin de Wever in podcast Day† He himself made a podcast series for the EO about American Christian groups that embraced then-President Trump and he traveled through the states that are now one by one abolishing the right to abortion.

Robin de Wever tells how the anti-abortion lobby and the Republican party have linked their fates and how this has created the situation where a Christian minority determines the rights of a large part of the country.

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