The power of Franceska Pepe – Big Brother VIP

Franceska with the k he is undoubtedly the revelation character of this edition of Big Brother Vip. As soon as she entered she created havoc in the House and her quarrels with the influencer Tommaso Zorzi immediately went viral. The two often had moments of tension but deep down their way of teasing each other amused them.

Once she left Casa Franceska, she continued to be talked about for the cutting comments she reserved to her former adventure companions.

In the last episode we witnessed an attack on the model Dayane Mello; in fact the young influencer would have supported the thesis for which the model had approached Francesco Oppini only to extend the stay within the program. Who will you target tonight?

And the attacks of the former tenant were not long in coming in fact during a discussion born in the House for the question of the ‘bedside table’ he turns to Andrea calling him with that name. The competitor does not agree to be addressed in that way and inveighs against them. Obviously there was no talk of anything else at home.

Alfonso questions Dayane to be able to give her the opportunity to counter the young influencer: “I talk to you, not her”. Franceska intervenes without allowing her to conclude the speech: “Be very careful about the insinuations you are making because sooner or later you will pay the consequences”.

Myriam takes the floor: “You are unbearable and rude”. Franceska is not there and blurts out: “I don’t judge but it is you who rubs with all the men of the House!”.

In short, when it comes to Franceska they are always sparks.


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