The Potato’s Odyssey: A Theatrical Journey Through the Social and Political Dimensions of Our World

Burlesque theatre, live sound effects, animated film, puppets… The total show designed by Christophe Moyer tells a story which is that of our world, in its social and political dimensions.

The company Sens Ascensionnels has chosen a very unique angle to talk to children about our changing world, and about its future in the light of a past that needs to be known. The potato is the main and endearing character of this odyssey, an opportunity to tell what it and its ancestors have gone through so that it becomes today the queen of our plates and our fast foods, sip of pesticides, tossed between agri-food industry and alternative ecology. From South America, where it was venerated, to its importation by the conquistadors, first rejected by the Europeans before being adopted, everything contributes to making us feel a world history of relations between men, continents, with its effects of domination, ostracism, fear of the other, in a light, pleasant and documented way.

Nathalie Yokel

2023-06-09 02:16:31
#short #history #humanity #potato

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