The portal ‘Dono a mi Iglesia’ has received more than six million euros in donations in the last year – Iglesia Española

The portal ‘I donate to my Church’ ( launched by the Spanish Episcopal Conference has received more than 1.5 million euros in the first four months of 2021, As the director of the Secretariat for the Sustaining of the Church in the episcopal body has specified for Alleluia, Miguel Ángel Jiménez Salinas, who has specified that, Compared to the period between January and April 2020, the amount has quadrupled.

To this million and a half must be added the 4.7 million euros donated by the faithful (and non-faithful) between May and November 2020Therefore, the total amount received through the portal in the last twelve months exceeds six million euros.

Although the portal ‘Dono a mi Iglesia’ was launched approximately five years ago, The truth is that in the last year donations have increased significantly, due to the home confinement of last spring as a result of the covid-19, as well as the subsequent fear on the part of many faithful to return to the parish, due to the fear of contagion. All of this has made the temple brushes suffer.

Thus, this instrument has allowed the dioceses and 23,000 parishes of our country to continue developing their solidarity, charitable and social initiatives, as detailed by Miguel Ángel Jiménez Salinas: “The number of donations and the amount of donations that come through the portal has increased a lot because it is a good instrument. It is modern, very agile that also allows you to register donations to declare them in the Treasury and take advantage of the tax advantages that donations entail. It is an instrument to be taken into account by all those who want to support the work of the Church ”, he stressed.

The director of the Secretariat for the Sustaining of the Church in the EEC has added that around 92% of donations go to parishes, while the remaining percentage is distributed between aid to the seminaries, the dioceses and the episcopal body itself.



How does the ‘Dono a mi Iglesia’ portal work?

Those who visit this portal will find a new way to collaborate, simple and secure. If you want to donate to one of the 23,000 parishes in Spain, you just have to ‘click’ on the ‘Donate to a parish’ section. Once we have taken this step, they will ask us for the postal code or the town where the temple we want to help is located.

You can then select the amount you want to donate. You even have the option to choose the periodicity of the help (annual, quarterly, monthly or punctual). Once the process is finished, we click on the ‘Make a donation’ button.

At this point, we would only have fill in our personal data and define the payment method, through the account or by card.

In addition to donating to your parish, you can also choose to contribute to the diocese that you have previously selected or to the Spanish Episcopal Conference. In both cases, just click one of the two options and repeat the same operation. The EEC also makes available to users the telephone number 91 050 34 06 to make the donation, if desired, by this means. The faithful who donate will have an 80% tax relief on the first 150 euros.


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