The popular Latvian “drag queen” has come to a wig worth 3,000 euros

Latvian popular “drag queen” Amuna Davis or Dāvis Ķimenis has shown on social networks that he has come to a wig worth 3000 euros.

David does not hide the joy and excitement of his purchase. He discovers that a long wig was his dream and he will finally be able to make it happen.

Davis also revealed that such fun does not pay cheaply.

“Finally I got it, I bought it, I made a wig worth 3000 euros,” Dāvis said.

Screenshot from Instagram

We talked about 10 things that characterize the domestic popular “drag queen” Amunu Davis.

Tostarp, Drag queen.

“Of course, for most people I am recognizable as a guy who changes into different characters, including becoming a woman. I am proud of being the first drag queen from Latvia to start doing this in public. I adore the image of my Amuna because it is my second personality. ” said David.

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