The pope’s operation was accompanied by complications. He is conscious, he will stay in the hospital longer

According to the local media, complications accompanied Sunday’s planned operation, during which doctors removed a part of Pope František’s colon. The operation of the eighty-four-year-old head of the Catholic Church lasted about three hours. The Vatican has announced that the pope is already conscious and breathing without the help of instruments.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said the pope’s health was good, the pope he is conscious and breathes himself. According to him, Gemelli will stay at the Roman clinic for seven days, unless there are any complications. The media originally wrote that the pope would be released from the hospital after five days.

The daily Il Messaggero wrote that the operation was accompanied by complications that he did not specify. However, the daily stated that the doctors originally wanted to perform the procedure laparoscopically, but after starting the operation they decided to have a surgical incision. That is why the pope will probably stay in the hospital longer, after laparoscopic procedures he is usually released into home care earlier.

The Vatican informed about the pope’s planned operation on Sunday. The intervention was necessary because the pope suffered from a narrowing of the intestine. Doctors took half of his colon on Sunday night.

Many have already wished the pope a speedy recovery. For example, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed a “warm wish for rapid recovery”, as did Italian President Sergio Mattarella.



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