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Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez escaped an attack on September 1 and the Pope called to express her problem.

(Vatican Information Community)On 1 September, Argentina’s Vice President, Ms. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was attacked on her way dwelling to Buenos Aires. After listening to the news, Pope Francis named the vice president to convey her problem. In a telegram, the Pope stated: “I am completely ready to express my problem and closeness in this fragile moment, pursuing the worrying news of your assault yesterday afternoon”.

The Pope also assumed of Argentina as a total, creating: “I pray to the Lord that social harmony and regard for democratic values ​​may prevail in expensive Argentina from all kinds of violence and aggression”.

The person who attacked with a gun, a 35-year-aged Brazilian, was arrested promptly immediately after the incident. Argentine President Alberto Fernández and the Argentine persons express their condolences to Vice President Cristina Fernández.

The Argentine Bishops’ Convention said it experienced communicated with “the kin of the vice president to express their problem on behalf of the Church for what happened yesterday”. He also pledged to pray “fervently for peace and harmony in our region”.

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