The Pomezia company: “If the tests are positive, the first doses of the vaccine to Italy in November”

ROMA – “The first 2-3 million doses of the anti Covid Oxford-Irbm-AstraZeneca vaccine should arrive in Italy by the end of November if the ongoing trial proceeds positively, after the temporary suspension due to a suspicious reaction on a volunteer then proved to be unrelated to the vaccine candidate. “This was stated to Ansa by Piero di Lorenzo, president of Irbm of Pomezia, which collaborated with the Jenner Institute of Oxord Universiìty in the development of the vaccine prototype. If there are no critical issues and the experimentation continues as planned, therefore, “the timing already announced by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, will be respected”.

“We are working on a major European agreement for the Covid vaccine, the testing of which is continuing”. This was stated by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio speaking in Benevento at a meeting with the voters together with the presidential candidate for the regional Valeria Ciarambino. “I cheer – added the head of the Farnesina – for the other countries that are in lockdown, because they are the countries of tourists who come here to Italy”



Expert alarm: “The virus also attacks the brain”

The vaccine experimentation resumed after the temporary suspension due to a true reaction on one of the 50 thousand volunteers who are taking part in the tests. The volunteer suffered from spinal inflammation, acute transverse myelitis, which consists of inflammation in one or more adjacent segments of the spinal cord. However, the panel of independent experts that examined the matter established within days that this reaction was not related to the inoculation of the candidate vaccine.
This experimentation, explains di Lorenzo, “is in fact conducted in double blindness: this means that neither the doctors nor the patients know which of the volunteers the candidate vaccine is being administered to and which only placebo. So – he concludes – the suspicious reaction could also have occurred verified on a volunteer who had taken the placebo and not the drug “.


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