The Polish Prime Minister discusses with Ursula von der Leien and accuses the EU of blackmailing

The dispute has once again drawn attention to the seriousness of this issue, which both Brussels and Warsaw point out to be a threat to the cohesion of the 27-nation bloc.

Leiena, who spoke before Moravecka, said that the EC would take action to curb Poland.

“We cannot and will not allow our common values ​​to be put at risk,” she said, noting that legal, financial and political alternatives were being considered.

Moraveckis replied, saying that “it is unacceptable to talk about financial penalties. I will not allow EU politicians to blackmail Poland.”

As reported, last week the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the country’s constitution took precedence over EU law.

The ruling has been sharply criticized by German and French leaders, while Hungary has expressed support for Warsaw.

Some experts say this could be the first step in Poland’s exit from the EU, although Warsaw has repeatedly emphasized that it does not want and does not intend to leave the bloc.

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