The Polish president became infected with coronavirus

Polish President Andrzej Duda became infected with coronavirus. This was announced on Twitter by his spokesman Blažej Spychalski on Saturday. He added that the head of state is feeling well. As of today, other restrictive measures are coming into force in the country to stop the current rapid spread of the disease.

“In accordance with the recommendations, President Andrzej Duda underwent a test for the presence of coronavirus yesterday (Friday). The result turned out to be positive. The president is feeling well. We are in constant contact with the relevant medical services, “Spychalski wrote on his twitter account today.

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Forty-eight-year-old Duda has been at the helm of the country since August 2015. Until his election, he was a member of the ruling National Conservative Party Law and Justice (PiS), and remains a close ally of it.

In Poland today, due to record increases in new cases of coronavirus, more stringent measures against the spread of the disease are beginning to apply. The whole country will turn into a so-called red zone, restaurants will be closed for the next two weeks, they will only be allowed to sell food that can be taken away. A maximum of five people will be able to meet together. Children will only be allowed to go outside between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, accompanied by an adult.

Poland registers record daily increases in coronavirus infection for several consecutive days, reporting 13,632 newly confirmed cases on Friday and testing the virus in 12,107 people on Thursday and 10,040 a day earlier.

The country, home to 37 million people, recorded the first case of coronavirus in its territory on 4 March. Since then, 228,318 people have been infected there, of whom 4,172 have died.

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