The Polish Deal is not only about costs. New obligations for entrepreneurs

Changes in the health premium will affect the earnings of entrepreneurs. The Polish Order will also introduce additional obligations for them. Piotr Juszczyk, tax advisor at inFakt, points out, inter alia, on the obligation to indicate the basis of the calculation of the health insurance premium on a monthly basis.

  • The Polish Order will introduce a number of tax changes that will affect Poles’ earnings
  • The main change is new solutions for settling health insurance contributions for entrepreneurs who pay linearly
  • The Polish Deal will also introduce new obligations that will have to be performed by business owners
  • From January 1, 2022, entrepreneurs will have to indicate the basis for the health insurance contribution every month
  • The second additional obligation that will come into force in 2023 is sending SAF for income tax
  • More such information can be found on the main page of

In the opinion of Piotr Juszczyk, tax advisor at InFakt, on tax changes of the Polish Governance employees receiving the minimum wage and the majority of pensioners will benefit, but due to the fact that the possibility of deducting the health insurance contribution from tax will not be large amounts.


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