The police reports from Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

In the following you will find all police reports from the Würzburg Police Department for the city and district of Würzburg from November 22nd, 2020. We took over the police reports in full and did not edit them.

Crime scene

Electrical box damaged

Zell a. Main, Lkr. Wü – In Mainleitenstrasse, the damage was brought to the police’s attention by a bus driver on Saturday, 11:00 a.m.
The electrical box had obviously been ripped from its anchorage. The damage here amounts to approx. 500 euros. The responsible supplier was informed and took care of the protection.
Please contact the Würzburg-Land police station on Tel. 0931 / 457-1630.

Punctured tire

Bergtheim, district Wü – In the Clara-Schumann-Strasse, a Mercedes was damaged by a hitherto unknown perpetrator in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. A tire was stabbed, causing damage of around 200 euros.
Please contact the Würzburg-Land police station on Tel. 0931 / 457-1630.

Traffic situation:

Traffic accident escapes

WÜRZBURG / Steinbachtal – On Saturday afternoon, a Multivan was hit in Winterleitenweg and the exterior mirror was damaged.
The 55-year-old victim parked her vehicle properly on Saturday at number 41. A 54 – year – old witness was then able to observe at around 4:15 p.m. how another driver got stuck with his car, got out and then drove away with his car without reporting the accident. It was only during the night that the perpetrator reported to the police to report the accident. It was too late, however. The person responsible must therefore expect a report for unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident.

Stones thrown from footbridge

WÜRZBURG / Heuchelhof – On Saturday afternoon, previously unknown young people threw stones from a pedestrian bridge in Heuchelhofstrasse.

At that time, a 39 year old was driving his car on Heuchelhofstrasse in the direction of Rottenbauer. He noticed the youngsters on the pedestrian bridge on the way there. They changed their position in order to get to the level of the car’s lane. When the car passed the spot, one of the two threw a pebble from the bridge and hit the car’s windshield. The 39 – year – old stopped his car immediately and wanted to catch the young people. However, they immediately fled in an unknown direction. According to the injured party, passengers were also at the tram stop at that time. This could provide information about the fugitive young people. The police are now investigating dangerous interference with road traffic.

Anyone who can give information about the young people or who has also been harmed or endangered is asked to contact the Würzburg-Stadt police station on tel. 0931 / 457-2210 to report.

Participated in road traffic despite drug consumption

WÜRZBURG / Heidingsfeld – In the early morning hours, a 25-year-old was subjected to a traffic control with his car due to his driving style. At that time it was driving on Stuttgarter Straße. The driver’s fitness to drive was also checked as part of the traffic control. In this context, he stated that he had consumed cannabis the evening before. During the on-site inspection, it was found that he had apparently consumed amphetamines in addition to THC. He had to park his car on site and come to the office to have his blood drawn. An advertisement awaits him now.

Without a valid driver’s license

WÜRZBURG / Innenstadt – On November 21, 2020 at around 11 p.m., a car was subjected to a traffic control by officials. When checking the driver’s license of the 40 year old, he could only show a Kosovar driving license. However, this is not enough, as the 40 year old has been in Germany for more than 3 years. He should have applied for a driver’s license in Germany. He was forbidden on site to continue to drive vehicles requiring a license in Germany. The vehicle keys were given to a friend of the 40 – year – old who was able to show a driver ‘s license. The 40-year-old is now expected to be charged with driving without a license.

On the way without license plate

WÜRZBURG / Frauenland – On Saturday afternoon at around 5:15 p.m., a car without a recognizable license plate was subjected to a traffic control by officials. During the inspection it turned out that the 47 – year – old had just bought the car and wanted to take it home. Too bad he hadn’t taken care of license plates and insurance beforehand. So he could neither show the one nor the other during the control and now has to face several reports. He must also leave the car behind until it is registered.

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