the police informed by the wife of the champion

On December 29, 2013, Michael Schumacher was involved in a serious ski accident in the French Alps. Out of a coma since then, Michael Schumacher now lives on his property in Switzerland with his wife Corinna and their two children, Mick and Gina.

So far, very little information has leaked about the health of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion: just a few scraps here and there, his entourage or the doctors. Recently, a neurosurgeon made somewhat disturbing comments
                    : greatly diminished, Michael would no longer conform to the man he was, both physically and mentally. But photos? Nothing, nada, the family showing exemplary discretion to protect the star of the circuits.

According to our colleagues at the Mirror, photographs of the ex-champion were sold on the black market by “an unidentified individual” who took them without the family’s knowledge, on their property in Switzerland. He would thus have managed to earn a million pounds sterling.

Corinna, Schumacher’s wife, intends to protect her husband’s privacy: she has contacted the police and hopes that the thieves will be arrested and reprimanded before the photos are published in the press.


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