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Kripos has been notified and will assist the Bureau with crime scene investigations.

The police reported earlier in the evening that they had fired shots in connection with an assignment in the center of Kristiansand. An area in Kvadraturen was blocked off.

– It was in connection with a threatening situation in Nybyen in Kristiansand that the police shot a person in the leg, the police in Agder write in a press release.

Several police cars present in the cordoned off area.

Photo: Geir Ingar Egeland / NRK

Went with guns

The injured person has been taken to Sørlandet Hospital and is being cared for by health personnel.

– The operations center received a report on Friday evening that a person was walking with a weapon in the center of Kristiansand. When the police came into contact with the person, a threatening situation arose which resulted in the police firing shots, the press release states.

No police officers shall be injured. The Bureau was routinely notified soon after the incident.

– It will be the Special Unit that investigates the case further. Questions regarding the matter must be directed to them. Agder police district has cordoned off the crime scene until the Bureau arrives, says police chief Kjerstin Askholt in Agder police district, according to the press release.

To be interrogated

The Bureau writes that the purpose of the investigation is to shed light on the course of events and the more detailed circumstances surrounding the situation where shots were fired.

– Weapons involved will be secured. The Bureau will interview officials and witnesses as soon as possible. For the sake of the further investigation, no more detailed information about the case is given at the present time, writes the Bureau in its press release.

The police fired shots in Kristiansand

The police write in a press release that the injured person has been taken to Sørlandet Hospital and has been taken care of by health personnel.

Photo: Thomas Sommerset / NRK

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