The police accused ČSAD Liberec and BusLine of conspiracy in the contract

The Liberec region, which bought the company two years ago through the company Autobusy LK, wants to defend itself. It is also considering joining the prosecution and claiming damages. The company was supposed to commit Pletich with the previous owner. Governor Martin Půta (Mayors for the Liberec Region) told the press.

The management of ČSAD Liberec filed a complaint against the commencement of criminal prosecution, stating that the criminal proceedings concern the period before the purchase of the majority stake in ČSAD Liberec by the region from the company LIAD. “And what is crucial does not apply to any of the persons who are currently in the company’s management or control bodies (ČSAD Liberec),” added Martin Bobek, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Moreover, according to the carrier’s management, the actions of the previous owner were not in favor of ČSAD Liberec, but to the detriment of the company. “That is why we have proposed the annulment of the resolution to initiate the prosecution,” he added.

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