The points stay in Breisgau –



Everything was arranged in the Echte Helden Arena, which was sold out with 750 spectators on this cold Sunday evening in Breisgau. Looking at the table, the Lausitzer Füchsen was a direct competitor to the Wolves, who showed a more than sovereign home game for long stretches and still had to tremble in the end.

With a few changes in the way the rows were put together, the EHC started the game with a lot of speed and vigor. Even a penalty time against the Hoffmann team after just eleven played seconds could not stop this. It was Christoph Kiefersauer who, following the preparatory work by McLellan and Pageau, brought the wolves onto the scoreboard for the first time in the sixth minute of the game. Only a few minutes later it was Kiefersauer as the preparer who brought the target sharply in front of the Füchse goal and Linsenmaier held the bat decisively in this shot in the finest striker manner. With the 2-0 lead in the back, the wolves continued to play courageously forward. The next exclamation point, however, was set by the Lausitzer Füchse, which marked the 2: 1 connection goal with a beautifully played hit. Anyone who thought that EHC Freiburg would be impressed by this … far from it. It took Freiburg just 51 seconds to recover from this goal and to restore the old gap with new signing Liam Finlay, but that wasn’t enough in the first part of the game. With only a few seconds left on the stadium clock, it was Christoph Kiefersauer who, after excellent preparatory work by Pageau and Neher, placed the puck behind Ancicka in the foxes’ goal.

The second third starts just as attractively as the first, albeit less scoring. It took up to 34 minutes of play during which import player Hunter Garlant cut the game down to 4-2 with his second goal that evening in the power play. But even after conceding this goal, the wolves didn’t take much time to answer. Also outnumbered it was just two minutes later the captain Simon Danner himself who took heart from the blue line and thus overcame the Füchse goalie for the fifth time that evening.

With a 5-2 lead, the Wolves started the final section of a game that they had clearly dominated up to this point and so it was only a matter of time until Tyson McLellan even outnumbered him to 6-2 with a remarkable goal . Anyone who leaned back and relaxed at this point was quickly taught better. The Lausitzer Füchse managed to shorten the result to 6: 4 within 38 seconds, aided by individual mistakes, with just under seven minutes left on the clock. Unlike the previous goals conceded, the wolves now looked insecure and the notorious momentum tipped over to the side of the guests. So it happened as it had to and the Weißwasseranern managed the 6-5 goal with the goalkeeper already drawn. The following last 2.5 minutes turned into a tremendous game, but nothing more happened and the wolves finally kept the points in an unnecessarily exciting game more than they deserved at home.

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