Many citizens, mayors, city councilors and local party leaders, trade unions and one voice: save the birthplace and finally strengthen the Sulmona hospital, enhancing its professionalism and protecting the right to health of the Abruzzo Center community. This morning he once again demonstrated in front of the Annunziata hospital to ask the regional government for concrete solutions, not just promises and propaganda. “The Region has to do a lot, I’m here for consistency – said Pierpaolo Pietrucci, Pd Regional Councilor – and in fact when the Region decided to close four birth centers in Abruzzo, including Sulmona, myself, Andrea Gerosolimo, Luciano Monticelli and Mario Olivieri, we voted for the resolution that was against the abolition of birth points, making a tear with the majority, an act of courage, in defense of inland areas ”. “Enough chatter and propaganda, the Region must take concrete measures to save the birthplace of Sulmona” concluded the regional councilor. “To solve the birth point problem, according to what clarified by the Ministry of Health, there is only a deliberative act of the Region” recalled Catia Puglielli, representative of the Health Court. “The same ASL manager, Testa, says that the data in the hands of the ministry are old data on the birth point, so it is only a political problem” he stressed. “The Region must invest in the birthplace, equipping it with the means, medical personnel and resources to keep it alive, create an attraction towards this birthplace,” Senator Gabriella Di Girolamo said. “The reorganization of the hospital network is an indispensable prerequisite to start the rebirth of the Annunziata hospital, starting with the recruitment of primary care and then with the reorganization of all hospital services”, Mayor Annamaria Casini pointed out, applauding the initiative of the CGIL and the mobilization this morning. “Health care characterized by efficiency and effectiveness” is what Italia Viva asked for in a note. “The planning of the necessary interventions in terms of personnel and equipment and an immediate provision for the maintenance and strengthening of the Birth Point, assuming the responsibility of a choice to protect the community” was the request reiterated by the CGIL executives, aiming at the goal of redevelop the Sulmonese hospital into a first level hospital.

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