The poetess Jiva Kyuldzhieva, who created “Dark Red Rose”, has died (Video)

Zhiva Kyuldzhieva. Photo Facebook

“I am sending the year with the sad news that Jiva Kyuldzhieva has left us today! A tribute to her bright memory!

This is what our great singer Yordanka Hristova wrote on her Instagram account.

Zhiva Kyuldzhieva is the poet who created the lyrics to Yordanka Hristova’s popular song “Dark Red Rose”. The original was by Milva (Mediterraneo, San Remo 1972), but thanks to Kyuldzhieva’s strong lyrics, the song became even more impressive.

She is the author of over 1500 Bulgarian lyrics. She has worked with the brightest names from our music scene, she has made a serious contribution to the flourishing of Bulgarian pop music in the 70s and 80s. The poet, born in 1932, is the discoverer of a number of young talents and future stars of native pop music.

In those years, still unknown artists often resorted to cover versions of foreign hits, but with Bulgarian lyrics to establish themselves. For this purpose, they rely on the beautiful poems of Jiva Kyuldzhieva. Thus, dozens of popular hits in the West managed to break through socialist censorship and jump over the Iron Curtain to reach the native audience.

It originates from an interesting, important for Bulgarian culture family – that of the revolutionary and poet Hristo Botev. Her father was a very great intellectual, spoke 6 languages, had a huge library and library. Zhiva grew up in a family that was very interested in culture around the world. This has shaped her as an author with multi-layered creativity.

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