the podium is known in the East, we are starting to see more clearly

New delirium this season for the NBA, and at the same time the poor did as she could. Eight games per franchise in order to place or not for the final sprint, and we take stock, every morning, on who has insured and who shit in the glue, on who will have to roll up their sleeves and who is sleeping on a mattress. thick. Let’s go? Let’s go.

Rankings after the night’s matches

West August 10, 2020

Good operation of the day – Thunder, Blazers, Spurs, Rockets and “Nets”: small quotes for the Nets because if the win against the Clippers is good for morale and almost validates seventh place for the men of Jacque Vaughn, not sure that the prospect of playing the Raptors in the first round is not really good news. Let’s say that instead of losing 4-0 with an average difference of 25 points… they will lose 4-0 with an average difference of 18 points, we motivate ourselves as best we can. West ? It’s a little more crazy with the useful victories of the Rockets or the Thunder, while those of San Antonio and Portland are essential in the race for the play-in tournament. We are slowly heading towards a scenario taking shape during the last regular evening, prepare the foggers.

Bad Operation Today – Grizzlies, Pelicans, Kings, Magic and Sixers: bye-bye the Kings and the Pelicans, it was lovely to see you in Orlando (not at all). Two less teams in the race then, while the Grizzlies have restarted the reverse losing to the Rators and see more than ever the pack approaching with great strides. To the East ? The Magic were decimated and won the right to go and throw themselves at the mouths of the Bucks in the first round, while the Sixers lost Joel Embiid and are definitely having a very complicated summer.

Evening posters

  • Suns – Thunder
  • Jazz – Mavericks
  • Bucks – Raptors
  • Heat – Pacers
  • Lakers – Nuggets

If the Playoffs started tonight:

  • Bucks – Magic
  • Raptors – Nets
  • Celtics – Sixers
  • Heat – Pacers
  • Lakers – Grizzlies / Blazers
  • Clippers – Mavericks
  • Nuggets – Jazz
  • Rockets – Thunder
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