The PLQ requests the extension of the health emergency

The state of health emergency is still maintained at the time of this writing, and the Liberal Party, we want it to continue.

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It is mainly to move forward with the compulsory vaccination of teachers, health personnel, daycare services, and the rest of the public service.

“To have compulsory vaccination for all these groups, we need some form of state of emergency,” explains André Fortin, parliamentary leader for the Liberal Party of Quebec.

Mr. Fortin explains that since cases have increased in children, they must be protected more because they are not vaccinated.

“I believe that we have a responsibility, but we think that it should apply more broadly to the whole of the public service, that the government must assume its responsibilities,” he said.

“It is hard to understand the reluctance of the CAQ when we see that the big Canadian banks, certain transport companies and the federal government demand it from their employees. We really believe what the government has been telling us for a long time that vaccination is what leads to this way out of the crisis. We believe in it. It would be another tool to ensure that we get closer to a maximum of vaccinated and protected Quebecers, and to reduce transmission. ”

The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec explains that compulsory vaccination is particularly important because we see that some hospitals which are already at their capacity limit, or have exceeded it.

“There are surgeries that are postponed, there is relief. This still happens in the health network, so we think that the Government of Quebec has a certain responsibility. It can help us get out of this crisis. ”

Mr. Fortin also advocates improving the deployment of rapid tests, especially in education.

“The vast majority of teachers are vaccinated, but maybe some of their colleagues are not. When we go to work, are we protected as much as possible? To have rapid tests, to use them on site, that can have a positive impact. At this level, you would say that the government is not doing enough, ”he emphasizes.

The member for Pontiac is also asking for the implementation of the vaccine passport at the National Assembly, which Quebec Solidaire and the Parti Québécois are opposed to.

“We have a duty to set an example, and if we don’t, we are failing in our own responsibilities.”



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