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The play about the Löven bastard Daniel Rahimi: “HV fans love him”

Canadian forward Alex Hutchings, 31, is in his fifth season in Björklöven. He is a skilled scorer and when the matches are even more important and the physical game gets tougher, he thrives best.

And it was when Björklöven pressed more on the gas in the second final that HV71 got into trouble, lost concentration, became frustrated, inefficient and lost 3-1.

– They are not a soft team in any way, but I think it’s nice that we can play both kinds of hockey and we should just keep working and we look forward to two home games now, says Hutchings.

Björklöven has had a heel in place in both matches in Jönköping, which is appreciated by coach Viktor Stråhle.

– I am very proud of those who come here and support us. It is important to us and we know what pressure we have at home in Winpos. We will enjoy every second, says Stråhle.

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Alex Hutchings also likes to play at home in Umeå.

– Everyone loves to play at home. A wonderful arena and great fans.

However, not everyone likes Hutchings… In the meeting with HV71 in Husqvarna Garden, he was sent off for ten minutes after the final whistle in the second period. Alex Hutchings himself:

– I have no idea why, honestly. When I came back out on the ice, no one in our team knew why, they just said it was a ten, he says.

Viktor Stråhle can assist with some information about what Alex Hutchings came up with to get a ten minute:

– Because he tried to get past the referee, that was the biggest reason. And then he went into their goalkeeper (Filip Larsson) I heard, but I did not see. That was the explanation.

Hutchings about what he said to Filip Larsson:

– We were just talking. I did not agree with him about what happened. That’s how it is.

Björklöven forward Alex Hutchings likes when it explodes and in the matches against HV71 an SHL place is at stake. Photo: Bildbyrån.

Björklöven went from 1-6 on Saturday to 3-1 on Monday. A remarkable scene change.

– It was a quick turnaround for us. We started well the first five minutes of the first match then we made some mistakes which they took advantage of. These are close matches and I do not think that 6-1 reflected match one. Anyway, it’s 1-1.

In the increasingly aggressive and physical hockey, it is safe and stable for Björklöven to have defender Daniel Rahimi in front of his own goal. Rahimi takes virtually no prisoners.

– I have played with Dan for two years and everything with him is great. There is a reason why everyone loves him no matter what arena he comes to. Everyone knows that even these fans love him in this final series, says Hutchings.

That did not sound like it in the semifinal against Modo in Örnsköldsvik, but it could be a misinterpretation.

So you claim that HV fans love him?

– Yes, they certainly do. I understand how it is right now, but they would like him in their team. That is my opinion.

You know that he has played in HV (2010–2012) before?

– Yes, I know that. Everyone wants such a player in their team and we are lucky to have him. He knows what he’s doing and we love him.

You’ve got a bloody nose, I see?

– Yes, it is the playoffs and final. I do what you can to win, says Hutchings.

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