The plane with the people’s deputies from the OPSZ landed at the Poltava airport, they were not allowed to leave the plane

The head of the Poltava Regional State Administration, Oleg Sinegubov, said that he had received a request to accept a board with 15 passengers.

“Considering that the airport is currently under reconstruction, we do not have a license and special permission to receive aircraft with passengers, we refused and said that we would be able to accept an empty plane, without passengers. [Авиакомпания] “Vetrov rose” agreed that we will accept the board without passengers, “- said the head of the Regional State Administration.

According to him, when the plane landed, information was received from the SBU that MPs were on the plane.

“The airport workers held negotiations with the people on board the aircraft. Everything was explained to them, to which they replied that the” Windrose “allegedly assured them of the possibility of landing,” he said.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, the plane stayed in Poltava for several hours and then flew to Kharkiv. Among the passengers on the flight were: People’s Deputy from the OCPZ Sergey Lyovochkin, his wife Zinaida Kubar, Lyovochkin’s assistant Alexander Mutel, the deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the OCPL Alexander Pluzhnik, ex-MPs Sergei Buryak, Igor Kaletnik and Alexander Volkov. Also on board were the assistant to ex-People’s Deputy Vitaly Khomutynnik Elena Sazhko, Vladimir and Natalya Vitko, Alla Akhmetova and Maya Radchenko.

Journalists, who tried to confirm the information about the passengers of the plane, were told by the PLO: “Nonsense.” At the same time, the source of “Ukrainska Pravda” in the airline “Rose of the Winds” confirmed that these people were on board. The airline said that the passengers knew that they might not be released in Poltava, but insisted on the Kiev-Poltava route.

According to the site “Poltava region”, Lyovochkin and his friends flew to Poltava to visit the grave of Hasidic rabbi Shneur Zalman, also known as Alter Rebbe, in Gadyach, Poltava region.

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In Gadyach there is the center of Hasidism “Admor Azaken”, which was built next to the Jewish cemetery. The Jews make a mass pilgrimage to Gadyach on the birthday of the Alter Rebbe, August 31, and on the day when the Jewish New Year is celebrated.


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