The plane crashes of the Boeing 737. The truth about the calamities in the skies

The two flight disasters Lion Air 610 ed Ethiopian Airlines they could have been avoided. In the two tragedies, dated 29 October 2018 and 10 March 2019 respectively, 346 people lost their lives. Both accidents would not have happened if the Boeing had conducted adequate checks on its aircraft, without hiding the defects and committing a whole series of negligence that cost the lives of 346 people.

Today, at the end of a parliamentary inquiry in the United States which lasted a year and a half, the final report of theinvestigation about the air disasters that involved two Boeing 727s of the US aviation industry. A relationship that nails Boeing to its responsibilities.

In fact, in the 238-page documentation, the Transport Committee of the Chamber underlines all the mistakes made by the manufacturer. Mistakes that should have been avoided, if only there were no serious ones omissions cost dear. The report reads: “Boeing has failed in the design and in the development of the 737 Max and the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration failed in the supervision of the Boeing and in the certification of the aircraft “. And to follow: “The incidents, however, were the horrendous culmination of a series of erroneous technical assumptions by Boeing engineers, a lack of transparency from Boeing management and grossly insufficient supervision by the FAA.”.

The report is about serious failures and errors in the design, development and certification of the 737 Max model, which entered commercial service in 2017 and which stopped flying in March 2019, after its second accident in just five months. The survey shows – we still read – “repeated serious failures”, both from the company and from the FAA and highlights that production pressures “endangered public safety”.

Furthermore, it is written that the financial pressure on Boeing for the 737 MAX program, in the race against the Airbus A320neo, led to the reduction of costs and the acceleration of the program even if the conditions were not there.

In short, design flaws, irregularities, silences and omissions, paid at a very high price by 346 innocents. Boeing, for its part, sends the reconstruction back to the sender, denying that it was in default and confirming, instead, that it has always made all the required changes, as well as that it has always conducted regular checks on its fleet of 737 Max. The manufacturing company in fact, he replied, claiming that he had made all the necessary countermeasures to be able to return the 737 Max safely to the air.

“These tragedy they should never have happened. We will take steps to make sure it never happens again “, was the comment of the chairman of the parliamentary inquiry commission Peter De Fazio.

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