The Pipitone case, the inconsistencies of Russian TV: “Olesya called Piera Maggio ‘mommy'”

The day after the airing he has officially denied the correspondence between Olesya Rostova e Denise Pipitone, the controversy over how the Russian television broadcast, “Let them talk”, has decided to tackle the case.

As shown in “Afternoon Five” during the episode of Thursday 8 April, there are many inconsistencies that lead to the accusation of an unjustified exploitation, starting from the anger of the lawyer of Piera Maggio, Giacomo Frazzitta, who came to threaten to abandon the Russian program, failing to get the result of the blood test from the editorial staff, up to the smile hinted at by the girl at the time of the verdict and the doubts of the guests in the studio, immediately archived by the host of the broadcast in order to continue to believe that his guest could actually be the child who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo in 2004.

But as told by the correspondent of “Afternoon Five” in Moscow, Alessandro Capoccia, the same girl referred to Piera Maggio calling her “Mommy”, an analogy with what happened previously with another mother who was looking for her daughter.



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