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A total of 9,000 people are participating this Sunday, November 7, in the Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race to “flood” the streets of the Aragonese capital with pink, one of the eight Spanish cities participating in this initiative to vindicate the prevention of breast cancer.

Laughter, emotion and music from the 80s They have kicked off the race, the biggest women’s sporting event on the annual calendar. Some running, some walking, of all ages, with baby carriages, with balloons, and even with flower crowns and tutus, the Zaragoza women have left the starting line, in front of the Prince Felipe Pavilion, in batches and encouraged by family members and the public.

In a festive atmosphere and respecting security measures, the runners have started the 6.5 kilometer route that has taken them through Cesáreo Alierta avenue, la Mina walk, San Miguel square, Coso street and Echegaray y Caballero walk, and then cross the Pilar bridge twice and cross Don Jaime I street, thus arriving to the Plaza del Pilar, where the long-awaited goal awaited them. In addition to this joint route, the runners have been able to participate individually with the Virtual Race, through the official app of the event.

The Councilor for Sports of the Zaragoza City Council, Cristina García thanked the recovery of this solidarity event, suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic: “We are very happy because we return to flood the streets of Zaragoza with ‘Marea Rosa’, with 9,000 women, It is a turning point, “Garcia said.

This event “goes beyond” the sports field, highlighted the councilor, pointing out that it is an act “vindication of the prevention of breast and genital cancer.” From the administrations “we have to instill in people that prevention is very important because it can save many lives and we are working on it “, highlighted García.

“We have to instill in people that prevention is very important because it can save many lives and we are working on it”

The test is a benchmark throughout Spain and in Zaragoza has experienced growth going from 500 numbers in the first call until reaching the 12,500 women from the last test before the pandemic. This year 9,000 places have been reserved, which for the organization is a “success” because they were sold out a few days after taking them out.

In addition, this edition has honored to María José Pueyo, several times winner of the Zaragoza Women’s Race and Olympic marathon runner. Pueyo has been recognized for her career and her commitment to promoting women’s sport.

Make gender violence and inequalities visible

One of the fundamental objectives of the organization is to make women aware of the importance of prevention in the diagnosis of breast cancer and the multiple benefits of the practice of aerobic sports for health. In addition, it also seeks to make visible the rejection of gender violence and social and educational inequalities women suffer.

Zaragoza is one of the eight cities that are part of this national circuit, together with Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Vitoria, Gijón, A Coruña and Seville.

Solidarity projects

The so-called ‘pink tide’, due to the color of the shirts, has maintained the spirit of solidarity of previous editions. It has been done a donation to the Spanish Association Against Cancer at the end of the circuit, and with her financially supporting three foundations focused on protecting women in different areas: Women Mujer, Pink Bracelets and Clara Campoamor.

Also, in Zaragoza 50 numbers have been sold one hundred percent solidarity in favor of AMAC-GEMA (Association of Aragonese Women of Genital and Breast Cancer).

The Women’s Race maintains its social merchandising project ‘# MásQueUnaMuñeca ‘with the sale of 11 doll models in the form of a pin at 3.5 euros, made by hand by women at risk of social exclusion and survivors of trafficking of sexual and labor exploitation, as well as the socks and stickers of Wanawake Mujer and Banco Santander.

All the women have worn the 016 on their numbers in physical races, which is the telephone service for victims of sexist violence and that does not leave a mark on the telephone bill.



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