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For weeks, rumors have been many and constant about a possible romantic relationship between Maria Pedraza Y Alex González. And while the photos that have just come to light are not compromising at all, they do represent the first in which they are ‘hunted’ together. An obvious sign that they do not care if they continue to be talked about, although they have not made any statement about the type of link between them. The actors are filming the second season of ‘Toy Boy’ in Marbella. A series that debuted on Antena 3 and that, now, will premiere this new part on Netflix after the success achieved on the digital platform. At the scene of the recording, both have been photographed while shopping in a supermarket.

The rumors that give romance between María and Álex began when Maria published a mysterious video on Instagram that gave off sensuality with poses, looks and smiles. The clip was recorded by the actor, as she herself indicated in the post. “Ok, I’m a child again'” (Ok, I’m a girl again “), she wrote next to the video, tagging Alex. Apart from this, they also uploaded their Instagram accounts, some black and white photos on their respective accounts, and the pictures clearly show that both of them were taking photos of each other in a hotel.


There is no doubt that the photos caused a stir in networks and more after seeing the comments and compliments between them. In a video in which Jaime Lorente’s ex-girlfriend got out of the bathtub, Ález wrote: “Black swan” (Black Swan). She did not hesitate to return the compliment to the actor in another photo that he uploaded: “Breaking objective”, words that undoubtedly made many suspect. We had barely been two weeks into the new year and every day we woke up to new news. Wonderful pregnancies, secret weddings, declarations of love, even a snowy surprise! But few expected to see that María and Jaime Lorente were going to end their relationship.

They used to publish many images together on the networks, they were a calm and cautious couple with the media, moving away from the spotlight if it is not in an interview or on television. But from time to time we could see the two actors sharing affectionate moments like any couple through their Instagram accounts. Now María has decided to take another path and begins a new stage of love with Álex with whom she is very excited.

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