The Pfizer vaccine “will not be a two-dose from now on”? The concern comments

The profile called Business Insider Polska published a post on Wednesday, September 15, which electrified many Internet users. The entry stated (original spelling): “Pfizer is changing the definition of full vaccination in the package insert for its # COVID19 preparation. From now on, the vaccine will not be a two-dose”. And further: “Instead, there is a record of taking” the right number of doses of the preparation in order to achieve 99.87% immunity against the virus. “Within a little more than two hours of publication, the post gained 170 likes, more than 60 people gave it further. Including publicly known people.

Internet users sharing the post commented on the information provided. “But Big Pharma wants to milk us …” – wrote Piotr Woyciechowski, member of the Council of the Polish National Foundation. “This completely illogical nonsense effectively moves me to the vaccine-skeptical position” – reacted historian Sławomir Cenckiewicz. “Business to the end of life” – commented Sławomir Jastrzębowski, owner of the Salon24 blog platform. Others wrote: “And it was supposed to be so great, after the second shot full resistance. And now after which ??? after the fourth? Forty-fourth?”; “As I said before, soon all of those who are fully vaccinated will be unvaccinated again”; “We’re moving forward. Changing the rules during the game” (original spelling).

All this despite the fact that the name on the alleged Business Insider Polska profile was followed by the real name of the account: @Witam_i_Masakra.

The FDA approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in its normal course Video: tvn24

The author boasts of how much he has caught

A different name of the account was the first indication that the entry was published by someone pretending to be a Polish portal. The second was the lack of a blue symbol confirming authenticity that appears next to the name of a real Business Insider Polska account. His unchanged name on Twitter (i.e. the one that appears after @) reads: @BIPolska.

The false content of the entry on the fake profile was quickly verified by the # SzczepimySię profile maintained by the Government Information Center, which is responsible for the campaign encouraging vaccination. “#STOPFakeNews Impersonating the profile of a nationwide medium and spreading false information is extremely irresponsible, especially in the current pandemic situation” – napisano.

Twitter has already been informed about the case. Bartosz Węglarczyk, editor-in-chief of (Business Insider Polska belongs to the Onet-RAS Polska Group) in an interview with Konkret24 said that the portal’s editors noticed the spoofed account and immediately reported it to the Twitter administration.

The Internet user who created a fake Business Insider Polska profile returned to the previous name of his account after 12 noon. However, his fake post about Pfizer vaccine doses was already circulating on Twitter. The author boasted about what he had done on the same day, by publishing a post the content: “Today again # DużyZłowiono” and showing screenshots with entries of those who believed in the message of the fake account.

Pfizer: the dosing regimen remained unchanged

However, we asked Pfizer Polska if it had changed the recommendations for using its COVID-19 vaccine. The company’s press office informed us that the last update of the Summary of Product Characteristics, on the basis of which the medicinal products are used, took place on September 10. The vaccine dosing schedule remained unchanged therein.

“The Summary of Product Characteristics of Comirnata has already been updated several times based on the results of the studies and it cannot be ruled out that it will be updated in the future. It is standard procedure that the SPCs are updated based on the latest results of the studies. business.

As we have verified, according to the latest Summary of Product Characteristics, the Pfizer vaccine “is administered intramuscularly after dilution as a cycle of 2 doses. A second dose is recommended 3 weeks after the first dose.” The document states that the effectiveness of this vaccine in preventing COVID-19 is 95%. – and not as much as the author of the fake. And when it comes to the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant, it is 87.9 percent.


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