The persecuted driver near Prague crashed, jumped into the Vltava and swam to the police

It all started with a normal speed measurement on the road in Vraný nad Vltavou. The police officers measured the Mercedes at forty about 60 kilometers per hour, so they wanted to stop it for inspection.

“However, the driver ignored the calls and started driving to the Vesteckice police officers in the direction of Měchenice and Davle.

According to information from Novinky, the driver drove along the Vltava at a speed of up to 200 km / h. After the accident, when they drove against him by narrowing down their car and he could not continue, he got out of the car and jumped into the Vltava. In less than 20 minutes, the river swam to the other bank and disappeared in an unknown place. The police still borrowed a boat, which they went for a man on the Vltava, but he was no longer in the water.

Police patrols from Prague and the Central Bohemian Region subsequently took part in the search operation. However, the driver on the run could not be traced.

The accident in Měchenice is now being dealt with by traffic police officers.

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