The perpetrator had tried to hit the police

JAKARTA, – The crime of ARA (27) kidnapping children finally ended on Thursday (12/5/2022).

ARA was arrested by a joint team from the Bogor Police and the South Jakarta Metro Police in the Senayan area, Jakarta.

Together with ARA, the police found a total of 10 children who were victims kidnapping.

However, ARA did not just give up when the police raided it.

The recidivist, who had been imprisoned twice for terrorism cases, had tried to fight the officers.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bogor Resort Police, AKP Siswo DC Tarigan, said that the perpetrator had resisted by trying to hit the police.

“Yes, against the officers, trying to hit the security guard,” said AKP Siswo DC Tarigan at the Bogor Police Headquarters, Thursday (12/5/2022), as reported by the Jakarta Tribune.

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The police were forced to shoot hot lead to incapacitate the perpetrator, who is a resident from Depok.

When presented at a press conference on Thursday (12/5/2022) afternoon at the Bogor Police, ARA, who appeared with a head covering, was carried by 4 officers.

“We are taking decisive and measured actions,” said AKP Siswo DC Tarigan.

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