The performance of the opera “Lady of Spades” in October will be dedicated to the memory of the legendary tenor Kārlis Zariņš / Article /

The performance of Peter Tchaikovsky’s opera “Lady of Spades” on October 11 will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the legendary tenor Kārlis Zariņš, representatives of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet (LNOB) informed.

On October 11, several debuts are expected in the LNOB production – the role of Lisa will be sung for the first time by Tatiana Trenogin, the role of Hermann by Andris Ludvigs, the role of Polina by Laura Greck, the role of Priļepa by Marlene Keine and the role of Tomsk by Rihards Mačanovskis Artjoms Safronovs will make his debut in the role of Hermann on October 13. For the first time, Normunds Vaicis will perform at the conductor’s stand “Ladies of Spades”.

Kārlis Zariņš (1930-2015) was the leading soloist of the Latvian National Opera from 1960 to 2006. The artist has sung extensively in the former USSR and abroad: in Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and has given concerts in France, Austria, Greece, the USA, Canada and elsewhere in the world. He spent ten years (1970–1980) as a freelance soloist at the Russian State Academic Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Kārlis Zariņš’s vocal and acting performance has been unforgettable in many dozens of roles – in Jose’s opera Carmen, title roles in Tanheizer, Otello, Don Carlos, Peter Graims, Rudolf in Bohemia, Kavaradosi in Tuscany, Toast in the opera “I play, dance”, Radames in the opera “Aida” and many others. Undoubtedly, among the brightest roles of the outstanding tenor is Herman in Peter Tchaikovsky’s opera The Lady of Spades.

The production of Peter Tchaikovsky’s opera The Lady of Spades premiered in February 2020, honoring director Andrejs Žagars. Set designer Aleksandrs Orlovs, costume designer Kristīne Pasternaka, choreographer Elita Bukovska and lighting artist Gļebs Filštinskis worked with him in the creative team of the production, while the director of the renovation is Juris Žagars.

View from the production of the opera “Lady of the Spade” directed by Andrejs Žagars

Photo: Agnese Zeltina

The story “The Lady of Spades” by the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, immediately after its publication in 1834, was a huge success: the audience was intrigued by both the content and the precise spirit of the time. Thanks to the outstanding talent of Peter Tchaikovsky, the triangle of the relationship between Herman, Lisa and the Countess fascinates with the depth of the psychological portrait in the music of this opera. Andrejs Žagars’ production of “Lady of the Spades” has delighted opera critics and theater-goers in various countries. “The Lady of Spades” was successfully screened at the Bordeaux Theater in 2005 and in Luxembourg in 2009.

The winner of several competitions, Tatiana Trenogina, who will make her debut as Lisa on October 11, sang at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. “The Currency ” Brussels and elsewhere. Spectators of the Latvian National Opera have already met Tatjana Trenogin as Ned in the opera “Pajaci” and Mimi in the opera “Bohemia”. Currently, the artist is also preparing the role of Amelia in the new production of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Simon Bokanegra”, which will premiere at the end of November.

On October 11, Andris Ludvigs, an experienced tenor of the Latvian National Opera, will make his debut as Herman, and his audience has met in such roles as Jose in the opera Carmen, title role in the opera Tanheizers, Kavaradosi in the opera Tosca, Pinkerton in the opera Madama Buttrefly, Tots in the opera dancing ”and others. On October 13, Artyom Safronov, who started his career at the Moscow Academic Musical Theater, will sing the role of Herman for the first time. At the Riga Opera House, he has already sung such roles as Rudolf in Bohemia and Lensky in Eugene Onegin.

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