The people have the first to know what to prepare for Hamek. According to him, Vojtch should be able to communicate clearly fully Home

Prague Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamek (SSD) said that the Minister of Health Adam Vojtch (for YES) will on Monday introduce full measures for the case of increased sweat caused by coronavirus. He stated this in the discussion program Partie televize Prima.

According to Hamek, the people should know how well-off they can expect if the epidemic lasts. Hamek thus stated that the smart quarantine project under the Ministry of Health does not work as well. Its implementation could therefore be taken over by the army.

Oekvm, e (Vojtch) told the government about some traffic lights, what would happen if it got worse, Hamek said. According to him, the measures should be predictable and people should know what to prepare for.

We have to Monday, how long, and cultivate eit, what anyone said where, said the vice-premier. He reacted to the birds of Prime Minister Andrej Babie (YES) by interfering with Vojtch’s competencies with his recommended re-wearing of veils. Due to the Ministry of Health‘s implementation of the so-called smart quarantine project, Hamek thus announced that it could be burrowing under the army.

Armda managed it, and if it turns out that the Ministry of Health is not able to guarantee it, let’s face it, Hamek said. The condition, however, is that Vojtch will have to admit that he is not doing well, and the Minister of Defense Lubomr Metnar (for YES) will agree to take the smart quarantine under the army again.

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