The Pentagon reports that there are “not many” resources left in the Russian Federation to continue the war

The aggressor has already deployed over a hundred battalion tactical groups in Ukraine.

Military-political leadership of the Russian Federation involved 80% of its battalion tactical groups (BTG) in a bloody war against the Ukrainian people.

Such figures were given by one of the senior Pentagon officials. on my own twitter American reporter Jack Detch.

It is known that over a hundred (106) battalion tactical groups are currently fighting on the territory of Ukraine. While the military-political leadership of the aggressor country planned to use up to 140 BTG during the invasion.

Also, the Pentagon said that Putin had “not much” military resources left to continue waging the war he unleashed.

According to British intelligence, Russia lost a third of ground combat forces, which she gathered in February for an attack on Ukraine. Because of this, they are unlikely to be able to significantly intensify the offensive in the Donbass over the next 30 days.

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Due to the insane losses of the invaders, the Russian Federation does not have manpower to replenish its troops in Ukraine. In connection with what on the territory of the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Lugansk regions the occupiers are planning to recruit even women.

General losses of the enemy, according to the latest data of our General Staff are as follows: the Ukrainian army liquidated 27 thousand 700 tons of invaders. About a thousand more Rashists were taken prisoner.

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