The Pentagon is nervous, this country is a new nuclear ‘giant’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Pentagon reiterates China’s weapons development. In its latest report, the US Department of Defense said China has expanded its nuclear arsenal and will have 700 to 1,000 nuclear warheads in 2030.

In its latest report to the US Congress, the Pentagon called this part of Beijing’s ambitious development. The report points to a drastic increase from last year’s projections of China’s military power, which suggested there would be about 400 warheads in the country in the next decade.

“Over the next decade China aims to modernize, diversify and expand its nuclear force,” the Pentagon said CNBC INternational, Thursday (4/11/2021).

China is investing in and expanding the number of land, sea and air-based nuclear delivery platforms, as well as building the necessary infrastructure to support the massive expansion of its nuclear power,” the document said, adding that China had also started building three intercontinental ballistic missile silo facilities.

Quotes AFP, the Pentagon has said that China is now a major future US security concern. Moreover, Panda Land has promised to build its army, the PLA, into a world-class army in 2049 based on the official state plan.

“By 2027, China aims to have the capability to counter the US military in the Indo Pacific region and force Taiwan to the negotiating table on Beijing’s terms,”

“Although China has openly advocated for peaceful unification with Taiwan, China has never renounced the use of military force,” the Pentagon said.

China has a variety of options for a military campaign against Taiwan including a potential air and sea blockade to full-scale amphibians.”

China’s nuclear growth has been ‘stunted’ when compared to the US and Russia. The US alone is said to have about 3,750 nuclear warheads in reserve.

The US has asked China to join Washington and Moscow in a new arms control treaty. However, there has been no clear response from China on this matter.

Meanwhile, with Taiwan, China vowed to seek “reunification” with the island. China considers Taiwan part of its defected province.

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