The Pentagon admits that the US drone attack on Kabul was a mistake

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Pentagon blames drone strike on Kabul on August 29

The Pentagon is exploring the possibility of compensating the relatives of people who died in the erroneous US airstrike in Kabul in late August.

The Pentagon acknowledged that the civilian casualty attack by a United States drone on Kabul was a “tragic mistake.” This was announced at a briefing on September 17 by an official representative of the military department, writes CNN.

The head of the US Central Command, General Kenneth Mackenzie, said he was fully responsible for the strike and apologized for what happened.

Earlier, the Pentagon claimed that an ISIS terrorist and three civilians were killed in the strike, however, as it turned out, there were only civilians in Afghanistan among the dead. The drone attack killed 10 civilians, including children.

McKenzie noted that representatives of the US defense department are consulting with the Treasury Department on the issue of compensation.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities USA evacuated from Afghanistan at least a thousand local commandos and their relatives, as well as hundreds of Americans with the help of the secret CIA facility Eagle Base.

There was a video of the intelligence operation of Ukraine in Kabul

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