The pensioner’s non-taxable minimum has been increased – which changes in the social field from July 1

From July 1, several changes in the social field will come into effect, the Ministry of Welfare (ML) informed portal “Delfi”.

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As stated by Egils Zariņš, the representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs, from July 1, the payment of the state social security benefit (VSNP) to persons who have reached retirement age will not be stopped if the recipients of the said benefit start employment.

This will contribute to the improvement of their material situation, because at the same time as the salary, it will be possible to receive VSNP in case of old age, which in the long term can have a positive effect on the involvement of these people in the labor market, as long as they themselves want to and see in it an opportunity to improve their material situation, explained Zariņš.

VSNP is granted to a person who does not have the right to receive a state pension or insurance compensation due to an accident at work or an occupational disease, and the person has reached the age specified in accordance with the Law “On State Pensions” to be able to receive an old-age pension.

This benefit is one of the regularly paid types of state social benefits, which is financed from the state’s basic budget and the amount of which depends on the state’s financial capabilities. The cost of VSNP is provided by VSAA, the ministry said.

Also, from July 1, the non-taxable minimum for a pensioner will be increased to 3,000 euros per half year, or 500 euros per month, Zariņš emphasized.

It has already been announced that this year the residents will be supported to cover the high expenses of the upcoming heating season the government has allocated 350 million euros.

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