The pensioner regained her sight, see how

In Britain, an 88-year-old woman regained her sight with the help of an eye implant, The Guardian reported.

A resident of the London suburb of Dagenham became the first patient in the country to have an eye chip implanted. A pensioner who has suffered from geographical atrophy cannot see with her left eye. But the Prima System implant helped her see again.

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The device, invented jointly by British and French engineers, consists of a chip and special glasses. Immediately below the patient’s retina, a two-millimeter implant is placed and glasses are placed on the head. The chip uses a camera to capture an image, transmits it to a computer, which returns the image through the retinal cells to the brain. The brain interprets the signal in a similar way to natural vision.

“This revolutionary device offers hope for people suffering from vision loss,” said surgeon Mahi Mukit, who performed the operation. According to the doctor, the success of this operation and the data collected during the study allow many people to regain their sight.

In November, British specialists performed the first operation to install a 3D printed eye. It took about two hours to print an artificial eye on a printer, and in the UK about 60,000 people have to use an eye prosthesis.

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