The PC version of the space shooting RPG “EVERSPACE 2” will be officially released on April 6th. Console version gives up PS4/Xbox One version to stick to quality – AUTOMATON

Developer ROCKFISH Games has announced that EVERSPACE 2 will be officially released on PC on April 6th. For PC, the Early Access version is now available on Steam/Microsoft Store/ The console version will be released in the summer of 2023 on PS5/Xbox Series X|S. At the time of the early access version, it also supports Japanese notation. At the time of the official release, new maps and equipment will be added.

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“EVERSPACE 2” is a space shooting game for one person. Players can control fighter planes and explore an open-world universe. Strengthen weapons and aircraft with the collected materials and face many enemies. The game is structured as an RPG. The story unfolds by manipulating the protagonist Adam, a clone human made for military purposes. It is said that you can experience the growth of the mind as this pilot changes into a human being.

In this work, you can operate a fighter plane and move freely 360 degrees. Because there is no gravity in space, it can move up, down, left, right, and rotate. Combat is fought by aiming and firing weapons. In battle, he basically uses a main weapon and a secondary weapon. Its main armament is a gun such as a laser gun, and it seems to have infinite ammo. On the other hand, the secondary armament includes powerful weapons such as missiles, and the number of bullets is limited. These weapons can be swapped during combat.

In addition, you can use items and devices to carry the battle to your advantage. When you use a device, different effects are activated for each type. It seems that you can stun enemies within range and recover your own HP. It has a cooldown and can be treated like a skill. In addition, fighters are equipped with special moves. Every time you defeat an enemy, the charge builds up, and you can activate skills with powerful effects.

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In battle, if your HP runs out, the game is over. There are three types of fitness gauges. The blue gauge on the top left shows how much shield you have left. Even if you are attacked, the shield will automatically recover after a certain amount of time. Next, the middle yellow gauge shows the armor of the aircraft, and the bottom red gauge shows the HP of the aircraft. These two do not heal automatically, but can be repaired at the base.

In addition, there are hacks and slashes in this work. You can customize your aircraft to suit your play style and enjoy a variety of battles. There are many types of fighters, weapons, and the aforementioned devices. In addition, you can equip passive skills that correspond to characters that have become friends. Weapons also have rarities. Under the basic performance, you can check the notation of the sub-status. This will probably change randomly. By skillfully combining the things you discover during exploration, you can exert powerful effects.

Many contents will be implemented at the time of the official release. It seems that there will be a lot of content such as new enemies, challenges, catalysts, and equipment. Regarding the console expansion of this work, it was also planned to be ported to PS4 / Xbox One, but despite continuing the porting and optimization work for such hardware, it was decided that it would not reach the desired quality. . As a result, it seems that the console expansion will only be released for PS5/Xbox Series X|S.

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German game studio ROCKFISH Games is working on this work. The studio began developing the game in 2015, based on crowdfunding through Kickstarter. The previous work, EVERSPACE, which was created in this way, achieved sales of more than 2 million on PC and console combined. Since then, this work has been in development for a long period of five years, two of which were in early access. Finally, the official version was completed. Built with passion over a long period of time and refined with feedback. The evaluation of the early access version on Steam is “very popular”, and its quality is guaranteed.

“EVERSPACE 2” will be officially released on April 6th for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store/ It will be available for PS5/Xbox Series X|S in the summer of 2023.

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