The paywall beckons: the Netherlands’ largest podcast publisher acquired by Danish Podimo

Dag en Nacht Media becomes the property of the Danish company Podimo. In April, Podimo launches a podcast app, for which the listener pays 5 euros per month. As a result, some titles are reserved exclusively for the app. Day and Night is known for popular podcasts such as Young Investing, the red lantern, on All history ever.

The Dutch podcast publisher Dag en Nacht Media has been taken over by the Danish podcast service Podimo. It is not known what amount is involved, but according to Day and Night CEO Tim De Gier, the acquisition should ‘increase the volume and quality of our podcasts’. In their own words, they still have a lot of stories to tell, for which they did not have the resources until now.

Day and Night made fame with talk podcasts that are concepts, especially in the Netherlands, although the wildly popular investor podcast is Young investing also in Flanders a large audience. Of Dipping Day and Night managed to attract a young and diverse audience. A podcast about media (POM) by Alexander Klöpping and Ernst-Jan Pfauth and the sports podcast The red lantern are in turn leading in their niche. Recently, the production house also scored with the history lessons of All history ever† In the (more expensive) narrative genre, Day and Night stood out with The gold treasure of Serooskerke on Mr. Big.


Due to the takeover, a number of these titles may be locked. Podimo will launch its own app in the Netherlands in April. With this, it wants to sell a Netflix model for podcasts to the listener. For five euros per month, the listener gets access to the worldwide range of public podcasts, supplemented with exclusive titles or episodes without advertising. Day and Night cannot or will not yet say which titles will be behind the paywall.

Media entrepreneur Alexander Klöpping mentions the launch in a response to the Dutch broadcaster US ‘the starting gun for a battle with all kinds of platforms’. Klöpping is founder of media phenomenon Blendle and advises the Danes on their entry into the Dutch market. It is not clear for the time being whether the app is also available in our country.


At the moment podcasts are mainly listened to via Spotify and Apple Podcast. Like Podimo, Spotify has bought up production houses in recent years and introduced the streaming service ‘Spotify exclusives’ to the market. You can only listen to a few episodes of those podcast titles on other platforms.

Mediahuis, the publisher of The standard, has its own podcast apps. In the Netherlands, the media company promotes NRC Audio, in Belgium the listener is DS Podcast led. The newspaper titles produce their own news podcasts and series. The news podcasts are freely available, but as with Spotify, exclusivity has already been experimented with. For example, on the external podcast apps you can only watch the first two parts of the five-part The Shadow of Dutrouxlisten.

Dag en Nacht was founded in 2015 by childhood friends Tim de Gier and Anne Janssens. Previously they worked together on the editorial board of Free Netherlands† The company has about twenty employees and mainly generated income from advertising. It also introduced “Friend of the Show,” a donor model for listeners of their titles. Together with Tonny Media, it is the largest player in the private podcast market. Public broadcasters in the Netherlands are also very active in the sector.

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