The patent pictures show a new tricycle and a Kalashnikov ATV, they have an electric drive

The company, whose name is mainly associated with military equipment, is probably really going to start the production of electric ATVs and tricycles.

The Russian company Kalashnikov is mainly associated with rifles and military equipment, but in recent years it has also begun to become more involved in the development and production of cars and motorcycles – often in addition to electric propulsion.

Many still remember the concept of the CV-1 retro-electric car from 2018, which at least surprised the Kalashnikov company. In the same year, the company also introduced the concept of an electric quad bike with a closed four-door cab, which has now appeared in the documents of the Russian patent office.

The electric quad bike marked Kalashnikov Izh UV-4 is also supplemented in the documents by a smaller electric tricycle. Although it also has a roof, its cabin is open and has only one row of seats. In addition, the whole machine is obviously more compact than the ATV.

The UV-4 ATV is still quite similar to the original concept in the patent images. At first glance, we can compare the whole machine to a slightly overgrown Renault Twizzy, but the Izh UV-4 has a slightly army-style door and the wheels in the corners of the body have only decent fenders.

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The vehicle should measure approximately 3.4 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width and 1.7 meters in height. The cabin equipment should have virtually no modern equipment. A digital instrument panel, infotainment, air conditioning, heating is expected, and we may also see an adjustable chassis.

We do not yet have exact technical specifications, but the concept itself was to be equipped with an electric motor with an output of about 50 kW, which would allow ATVs weighing about 650 kg to reach speeds of up to about 80 km / h.

Unfortunately, we know nothing at all about the capacity of the battery and its parameters, but in the past the company talked about a range of about 150 km. Another bonus was the low propensity of the ATV to start a fire, even in the event of an accident. The press release on the concept spoke about its use mainly in the field of taxis.

The smaller tricycle, whose name we do not yet know, probably shares a bow with the UV-4 model, but it lacks a door, a second row of seats and one bike. However, the tricycle should still offer enough space for 2 people and a few of their luggage. Another interesting feature is the indicated roof window above the crew.

Kalashnikov has not yet mentioned any time schedule for the production and launch of electrical novelties, but according to foreign media, several test prototypes have already been seen, so the novelty might not be that far. In addition, given Kalashnikov’s primary focus, electric carts can also be expected to target the armed forces market.



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