The parties did not agree on when to elect the new chairman

Specific names for Nikola Minchev’s successor are still not being discussed, said Desislava Atanasova

At the Council of Presidents, the party leaders never reached an agreement on starting the procedure for electing a new speaker of parliament. The first meeting ended without result, there will be a new Conference of Presidents in two hours.

The council was convened at the request of the head of GERB’s General Assembly Desislava Atanasova, who demanded a quick discussion of the rules for re-election of a chairman. According to her, this should be done quickly, given the vote of no confidence and the updating of budgets. “We are looking for a consensus among the other parliamentary groups to sign the draft rules of procedure together and move to an election. No decision was made because the ruling coalition groups have to agree on decisions, which is inexplicable for us,” she said after the meeting.

GERB proposes that the procedural rules be introduced today and without going through a debate in the plenary hall, to agree among themselves that the election point be the first in tomorrow’s sitting. According to Atanasova, in 2017 a new chairman was immediately elected and now a legal vacuum should not be allowed.

Specific names for Nikola Minchev’s successor are still not discussed. GERB wants to know when the election will take place and then they will say whether they will nominate a candidate for president.

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