The Paradise of the Ladies 6 December 6, 2021: episode

Previews The Paradise of the Ladies 6 December 6, 2021

The Ladies’ Paradise 6 on 6 December 2021 it will be broadcast on Rai 1 at 3:55 pm for the first time. The appointment is at this time on the first Rai channel unless there is a change of programming. Alternatively, you can follow the episode in streaming and on demand on RaiPlay.

Below you will find the previews of Il Paradiso delle Signore 6 of 6 December 2021!

Pietro Masotti (Marcello Barbieri) in a scene from episode 56 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Rai

The Paradise of the Ladies 6 episode 61 plot

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Stefania has decided to move to Casa Colombo. It wasn’t an easy choice for her. In fact, when Ezio he proposed it to her, the girl took her time. As an adult woman, her father did not put pressure on her, despite the fact that she very much wanted to live under the same roof as her newly found daughter. Gloria advised the girl’s father not to force the young woman’s choice. Maybe she wasn’t ready… Now, apparently, she is. Who does not react well to this change is Irene. Cipriani, in fact, has always been afraid that Colombo would move away from her. Irene is overcome with sadness. He decides not to show up for work. Gloria intervenes to heal the situation. The blonde Venus understands that she has exaggerated. So the girl goes to Casa Colombo at the end of the day. It’s time for dinner when he knocks on their door.

Flora can celebrate an achievement. He got a permanent contract at Paradiso as a stylist. However, it cannot be peaceful. The woodworm of what happened to his father Achille come back to haunt her. Can’t do how Cosimo he suggests, leave the past alone and look to his promising future. Especially towards Adelaide e Umberto Flora it is unable to mask the tension.

Armando cares about Salvatore. He decides to confront the boy. She can’t tell him the whole truth but only part of it. The warehouse manager’s goal is to defend Agnese.


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