The Paradise of the Ladies 6 December 1, 2021: episode

Previews The Paradise of the Ladies 6 1 December 2021

The bet de The Ladies’ Paradise 6 of 1 December 2021 is expected on Rai 1 at 15:55 in first viewing. Unless programming changes, this is the starting time of the Paradiso on the first Rai channel. Alternatively you can follow him on RaiPlay in diretta streaming o on demand.

Below you will find the previews of The Ladies’ Paradise 6 of 1 December 2021!

Caterina Bertone (Beatrice Conti) in a scene from episode 52 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Rai

The Paradise of the Ladies 6 episode 58 plot

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Agnese he is aware that the balance in a family is very delicate. In light of the fact that Tina he knows about his mother’s relationship with the foreman, the woman decides to take a step back. It is best to contain the consequences as long as there is time to do so. Agnese, once again, he overshadows the needs of his family. He brackets his love for the sake of his children. Promises to Tina that he will no longer see Armando. Tina, therefore, does her part and decides to face her mother’s lover in person.

Vittorio he knows he is entrusting the Veneri a fundamental role in the event for the launch of the new collection of Flora. The girls will be the ones to parade in front of the journalists wearing the new models. So Conti encourages the Venus to give their all to make the moment attractive and exciting. It is good that they show their commitment in the front row.

Irene he has a much softer heart than he lets out. He fears that the proximity of Gemma may turn away from her Stefania. So he uses the tools he has at his disposal to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Tina and Salvatore they don’t know the real reason why Giuseppe he left. Armando takes the liberty of advising to Agnese not to keep it hidden from the boys anymore. It is right that they know according to Ferraris. SalvatoreMeanwhile, he has a proposal that will put the whole family in crisis: why not spend Christmas together in Germany with Giuseppe?


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